Big Seven

SipMusic Club is proud to present Proxima Parada’s Big Seven on May 6th!

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From the band:

Every person takes away something different from listening to Big Seven. The twenty-two year old jewelry maker that heard Tossin’ My Troubles decided to go do just that, lay low in her most-loved place and soak it up, free of worry and anxiety. The father of two boys involuntarily converted that opening trumpet melody in Why Not It Be Me to a little hum as he was waiting in line at Trader Joe’s. Later on, alone in her room laying on the floor, Time In A Circle invited the jewelry maker to glance within herself and acknowledge the potential that’s waiting behind her door. At the office, his feet started during One Cloud Is Lonely, and then he did that gentle eyes-closed head sway for Better Now.

Every song in Big Seven offers something special, something straight from the soul.

All songs recorded and mixed by Vince Cimo at Speak Studios
Additional mixing by Aaron Kroeger and Nick Larson
Mastered by JJ Golden at Golden Mastering

Cover photo by Andy Olson featuring Jaden Larson (Nick’s brother) and Kato

Interior painting by Michael Dunlavey