Frequently Asked Questions

How much are lessons?

$80 for 4 x 30 minute lessons. Or $100 for 4 x 45 minute lessons. This is for 4 consecutive weeks of lessons. Less frequent lessons are also available at a slightly higher rate. And some teachers have slightly higher rates.

When are you open?

We’re open 7 days a week! Monday thru Friday 12-7. Saturday 10-6, & Sunday 10-3. Sometimes we open slightly late, because we keep musicians hours.

Do you guys buy guitars?

Sometimes, but not usually. But we can consign your instrument (sell it for you). We keep 25% of the sale price if it sells in store and 35% if it sells online. Just bring in your instrument and your ID and we’ll take care of the rest.

Can I record in your studio tonight?

It doesn’t hurt to ask, but most sessions are scheduled in advance. We keep a pretty full schedule here, so contact us with your questions, and let’s get you on the calendar ASAP. The studio is available weekdays before noon for quieter stuff, and weekdays after 8pm for louder stuff. Weekends are also available. Contact us to schedule.

What does “Certain Sparks” mean?
CSM creator Randall Sena wrote a song in 2002 with the lyric, “certain sparks / sweet sparks in you”. When it came time to name his studio, “Certain Sparks” was the first thing he thought of. The phrase “Certain Sparks” can also be found in Jewish mysticism. Now you know!

What instruments do you guys teach?

Guitar, bass, drums, ukulele, piano, & violin.

Is it true that you offer a FREE 30 minute lesson?

Yep, contact us right now to schedule one. 🙂

How long have your guys been open?

10 years! Our old location was on the corner of H & Laurel. We moved to South H Street January 2015.

Do you guys have concerts?

We occasionally host shows at our location. These are typically CD release shows for bands who have recorded in our studio. We also host pick up parties for SipMusic Club, which is pretty much the coolest thing to ever happen to wine + music! Scroll to the top of this page to see what’s coming up next & note if the venue is CSM or not.

Do you know anyone who wants to jam???

We’re proud to say we’ve played a role in starting many local bands over the years. But setting up a jam is a lot like setting up a blind date, it helps if we really know who you are. So, come on down and get involved our music community. Drop into the shop for a chat, come to our events, and before you know it, you’ll be on stage with us!

Do you guys have sheet music?

We don’t stock any, but we can order you ANYTHING!