Cancellation Policy


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CSM Cancellation Policy:

Effective January 1st, 2023

There is only one way to cancel lessons.

Email with subject line CANCEL & your student’s name.

We’ll forward to your teacher.

Cancellation requires a 24-hour notice. Lessons canceled within the 24 hour period for any reason will be forfeited.

As a courtesy, drop-in group make-up classes will be offered on the last Saturday of the month at the following times.

12 noon for kids under 10
12:30pm for ages 10-16
1pm for 16+

Teacher Cancellations:

In the event that a teacher needs to cancel a scheduled lesson, your teacher will make-up the lesson at a convenient time, typically the following week at regular time. Of course, there is no penalty / no charge for teacher cancellations.

Student Vacations & Day Trips:

Vacations & Day trips should be handled like any other cancellation. 

Our studio has grown over the years, and our cancellation policy is finally catching up! All questions, comments, & feedback are welcome. Contact Randall Sena, Owner-Operator Certain Sparks Music at or (805) 588-9479. Leave a message!