Junior Sparks

Junior Sparks is a weekly group music class for 1st – 3rd graders. Similar to our Lil’ Sparks program, Junior Sparks allows kids to explore multiple instruments. A perfect mix of kid-tested FUN while having the structured learning that parents love from experienced educator, Randall Sena along with musical assistant, CSM teacher CJ. This program lasts 12 weeks and is broken up into 4 week blocks: piano/iPad, drums/percussion, and guitar/bass/ukulele.

To sign up for Junior Sparks please contact Avery at 805-944-6058 or fill out out a CONTACT FORM

After completing our Junior Sparks program, many kids will want to continue music lessons, they can re-enroll for another 12 weeks or move to one-on-one lessons at age 7. More information HERE.