A music instructor can play a very unique and special role in both you and your child’s lives. That’s why Certain Sparks Music strives to find instructors who not only can teach music, but can serve as mentors to you and your child. We think it’s so important that there is a strong connection between student and teacher, because it allows for students to express themselves creatively in a safe environment. The school’s music directors are required to have competency on guitar, bass, drums, vocals, ukulele, keyboards, and group ensemble. The teaching staff participates in ongoing training and mentoring under the guidance of our owner Randall Sena. All of our staff have received and passed background checks.

Randall Sena
Owner / Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano & Uke Teacher

One cannot speak of a Lompoc music scene without mention of Randall Sena... Known as the go-to music man in his town, Sena is the co-founder of Certain Sparks Music... founded in 2006 with friend Brandon Bridge... A modest man, Sena has a knack for humor & a bounty of kindness.  “I try to be the dude I wish I would have met when I started making music.” - Santa Barbara Independent 10/8/15

Avery Lange
Manager / Guitar, Ukulele & Piano Teacher

Avery started as a student at CSM at 10 years old. At 18, she became the store manager, and a board member for CSMF. Now, she continues teaching guitar, ukulele and piano. Avery loves crocheting and cross-stitching in her free time. Her nickname at the shop is "logistics" for obvious reasons. 

Wesley Hill
Guitar, Bass, & Ukulele Teacher

Wesley is a popular songwriter & performer with his band, The Only Ocean. His students have gone on to start their own bands and become Certain Sparks Music instructors.

Mars Mohamed
Guitar & Drums Teacher

Mars has a passion for Rock n' Roll that is truly inspiring. His talent is matched only by his kindness. Mars has been to more shows than anyone at the shop, his favorites being The Rolling Stones, Misfits, Metallica and Bauhaus. His band Radiation Invasion is awesome and won the Buellton Fall Fest battle of the bands!

Brett Lietz
Guitar, Bass, Drums, & Uke Teacher

Brett is talented multi-instrumentalist. He performs both solo & in multiple bands including goodgrief & the Fossils. 

Keegan Heitman
Guitar & Bass Teacher

Keegan Heitman is a Guitarist and a Bassist. He was a former student of Certain Sparks and is currently pursuing a bachelors degree in music studies. He loves learning jazz guitar and playing with other musicians. Music has been his passion since the age of 9.

Steven Hubert
Drums & Piano Teacher

Steven has been playing music for over a decade, starting with piano when he was younger. He taught himself how to play drums at 12 years old and they have been his main musical focus ever since. He won two of the Buellton Fall Festival Battle Of The Bands competitions consecutively while playing drums for popular local band, Radiation Invasion.

Celainiah Jackson
Bass & Guitar Teacher

Celainiah "CJ" started as a student at Certain Sparks in 2021. Now, she helps out with Open Mic Nights, Build-a-Bands and is a guitar & bass teacher. You might spot her amazing album cover paintings on our art show wall!

Cessi Signorelli
Piano Teacher

Cessi started playing piano at 5 years old. Since then she has been in a local indie band, been a section leader for the Cabrillo High Marching Band, and become an internet/video game content creator. She once played Minecraft for 24 hours straight! Cessi uses her classical piano background and bubbly personality to make her lessons productive and fun!

Larry Gaitan
Guitar Teacher

Larry started playing guitar when he was 13 years old. Now, he has become co-host of our popular Youth Open Mic and a weekly music teacher. Larry attended Lompoc High's choir all 4 years of high school and his favorite band is Red Hot Chili Peppers. 

Mia Criscione
Drum Teacher

Mia started playing drums when she was 6 years old! In elementary / middle school, she was in The Same Difference with manager Avery, where they quickly gained popularity for their young talent. They played shows such as Relay For Life and No Kid Hungry. Now Mia works most days at Dutch Bros Coffee in Santa Maria, and teaches drums one day a week at the shop. 

Mac Duncan
Guitar, Bass & Uke Teacher

Mac cultivates a relaxed and accessible approach to connecting to the music within each of us.  A lifelong educator, she learned to play guitar, bass and ukulele as an adult and now teaches music at Ballard School.  She likes to share her original songs at open mics, and she made some of her best memories jamming with her friends in their Grateful Dead cover band, Space Dog.

Nate Gordon
Ukulele Teacher

Nate began helping out at CSM in 2018 with our popular ukulele clubs. Now, he has students of his own and makes lessons fun with his outgoing personality and talent. 

Brian Reyes
Bass / Guitar Teacher

Brian has been playing music since he was 13 years old. He enjoys playing bass in his free time as well as music and video production.