Music Lessons


How did you like your music lessons? Did you go to your teacher’s house and learn boring scales and exercises? Did you play the music you were really listening to? Certain Sparks Music has re-imagined the way that we teach music, so you or your child love to play. By using a combination of modern music and traditional music theory, you’ll learn using the music that you love. There’s no reason to pull teeth – you can learn music theory from any genre of music! You & your kid will love our music lessons!

In 2023 we provided 6,498 lessons in total!

The first music lesson is FREE. What’s the catch?

Our standard rate is 4 lessons for $135. Lessons are once a week for thirty minutes, one-on-one with a patient caring teacher. We start one-on-one lessons at age 7. Or for kids under 7, we have our Lil’ Sparks group classes. Click HERE to learn more about our Lil’ Sparks Music Hour Program.


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