Guitar Repair and Maintenance

What brands of strings do you carry?

Ernie Ball, D’Addario, Martin, & Elixir. We can order you anything else you could ever want.

I broke a string. Can you help?

Yep, just bring your guitar down and we can replace the string for you for $5.

How much is a full set of strings?

$8 + tax

Should I just change all my strings & how much does it cost?

Yep, if one broke it’s probably time to change them all. Bring your guitar down and we’ll deep clean your guitar, and put on fresh set of strings for about $45. We have a 1-3 day turn around for restrings.

What’s a “Setup” & how much does it cost?

A “Setup” is the most important upgrade you can make to any guitar, whether it’s brand new or used! A setup starts with a deep cleaning, string change, truss rod or neck adjustment, intonation, fine tuning, and minor electrical repairs. The cost is $75 for most Acoustic & Electric guitars / $100 for a “Floyd Rose” style bridge.

How do I know if I need a “Setup”?

Your guitar will most certainly need attention if:

  • It is brand new.
  • It has not been adjusted in over a year.
  • You have switched to strings of a heavier or lighter gauge.
  • You are experiencing tuning problems, or buzzing.

What is the truss rod?

The truss rod is a metal rod that runs through the neck of most guitars. It keeps the wooden guitar neck from bowing. Adjustments can be made to the truss rod to make your guitar easier to play over all.

How long does it take?

Restrings have a 1-3 day turn around. Setups have a minimum of a 1 week turn around. Severe neck corrections may need as long as a week to settle.

Can I do it myself?

As always, YouTube is a great place for educational videos. But it’s about knowing what to do when things don’t work as expected that makes one an expert. And we are experts!