The Music Team – Jacob Cole

Our team members have each spent 10,000 hours on music. They have the experience to inform & help you make your next music purchase. Online reviews are fine, but nothing beats the first-hand advice of a local expert. You’ll save yourself time & money. Meet Jacob Edward Cole, Guitar Teacher, Singer-Songwriter, & Musician.

Sunlite Guitars

Sunlite Guitars come in all sizes and configurations imaginable. Nowadays, guitars are the most popular instrument to learn in the world. It’s no wonder. Whether you like classical, folk songs, polkas, ethnic folk music, country and western, the blues, flamenco, jazz, experimental, or good ol’ rock and roll, you can jump right in with a […]

Start Recording Today

If you’re interested in making music, chances are you’ll eventually start recording it. If you’re not sure where to start, it can be a tricky process to figure out. So what do you actually need, and what’s just going to muddy up the water? The Bare Bones Required to Start Recording In order to record […]

Mastering of None

There’s a new devil in the recording world. It’s not A/D converters, or mp3s, or cheap, Chinese condenser mics. No, the new devil in the recording world is… MASTERING!?! Well, not mastering as a whole, but more specifically, cheap mastering from inexperienced engineers.   Once upon a time, mastering was thought of as a mysterious […]

Say Hello to Emily Wryn

I’ve been busy lately. That’s good for me but bad for the blog. I will be posting again soon. But till then here’s a quick update. I just finished an EP with Emily Wryn. It’s really great. She’s already got one favorable review and it’s not even out yet! In lieu of a proper […]