Certain Sparks Music Trailer

Check out the new trailer for our YouTube channel below! Filmed & Edited by Chris Lambert Featuring “The Canopy” by Cellar Roots Recorded at Certain Sparks Music

A Tribute To The Mothers of The Stars

Did you know that Elvis was discovered when he randomly walked into the Sun Records building to record a song as a gift for his mother? Maybe you did. But did you know that he was just trying to make up for the terrible birdcage he made her out of popsicle sticks before that? “What […]

How To Sequence An Album

So you’ve got a batch of songs recorded now, and it’s time to sequence them. For the sake of explanation, I’m going to make up the details, since I don’t know who you are. Use your imagination to substitute your real details for my fake placeholder ones. Your record is called Temple of the Monkey […]

Jacob Cole Tour Diary 9

A little over 4 hours to San Luis Obispo. Revisited some hits by Madonna and Prince, and The Breeders ‘Last Splash‘. Except for Ruben and I, not a lot of the dudes had heard this classic. The song ‘Drivin’ on 9′ was the perfect road song coming out of San Francisco and hitting that coastal […]

Jacob Cole Tour Diary 8

9 hours and 45 minutes to San Francisco The drive was bittersweet in a lot of ways. It meant the final few dates of our tour and also leaving behind the cold and wet weather of the Pacific Northwest, weather I feel very at home in. The music we listened to was very appropriate given […]