A FREE Music Lesson: What’s The Catch?

FREE 30 Minute Lesson Here at Certain Sparks Music, we’ve been offering a FREE 30 minute lesson to prospective students for more than a decade. It’s always enjoyable to watch someone try out a new instrument for the first time, & become aware, in real-time, of the world of musical possibilities that lie ahead! Why? […]

Face-to-Face music Lessons

We are often asked the best way to learn a new instrument – an instructional book? Youtube tutorials? Trial and error? They’re all acceptable methods, and they all have their advantages and disadvantages. In full disclosure, we have a small dog in this fight (though he’s a friendly dog). As music teachers ourselves, you’re probably […]

Playing Guitar the Easy way

Playing Guitar the Easy way If you are quite the enthusiast when it comes to musical instruments and you have your heart set on that beautiful guitar you saw last week, better start brushing up on that finger work. There are some ways you can learn on how to become an excellent guitarist. But first, […]

Sunlite Guitars

Sunlite Guitars come in all sizes and configurations imaginable. Nowadays, guitars are the most popular instrument to learn in the world. It’s no wonder. Whether you like classical, folk songs, polkas, ethnic folk music, country and western, the blues, flamenco, jazz, experimental, or good ol’ rock and roll, you can jump right in with a […]

When do I need new guitar strings?

Replacing guitar strings isn’t always a matter of necessity; it can also be a matter of personal preference. Some musicians love the sound of their old guitar strings broken-in. While others can’t live without the sound and reliability of a new set of guitar strings. The truth is there is no set rule on when […]