Auto-Tune: Do or Don’t?

It’s time to talk about the facts: your favorite singers don’t sound like that. The voices that you hear on the recordings have been altered to achieve an inhuman level of technical perfection and if you want to get real, most of their “live” concert performances have been pre-recorded and altered too. It’s time that […]

7 Tips for Bands on Tour

I’ve just returned from a weeklong tour with Atascadero, CA’s Hollow Sunshine. The tour went from San Diego to Santa Rosa with stops in Santa Cruz, LA, & Berkeley. I was driver, photographer, & defacto tour manager. Here are 7 helpful tips that will make your next (or first) band tour a little easier. Get […]

Hot Signals and Clipping

Hot Signals and Clipping can be a common recording issue people face. It’s likely that you’re recording levels are too loud, and may not be aware. If you’ve got your levels too high during tracking, you’re going to run into a lot of problems during mixing and mastering. I’m going to explain first why this is […]