How to make your Bass Drum sound better

A very simple way to make your kick bass drum sound better.

Try it. If it doesn’t sound better, I’ll send you back the time it took to watch this video!

This is is one of those tips that sounds stupidly simple, but EVERY drummer that plays this kit comments on how good/fat the kick sounds, and it’s not an expensive kit. I’ve done this with hundreds of cheaper kits and it always helps. Just make sure to follow all the steps, including dampening. If you’re watching a video on how to make your kick sound better, it’s worth a try. Try it!

Audio / Video recorded w/ an iPhone. Drum sounds FATTER in the room.

Song is ‘like this then try this’ by Euros Childs from the album, Son of Euro Child.

I’m wearing sunglasses indoors because I’m a big music producer, duh!