Certain Sparks Music Website

Certain Sparks Music has launched a redesign of our official website www.CertainSparks.com. Because the site is how most of our clients find us these days, we are updating the look and content of the site to better serve the needs of our clients and to provide more information to interested parties. Be sure to also check […]

Say Hello to Emily Wryn

I’ve been busy lately. That’s good for me but bad for the blog. I will be posting again soon. But till then here’s a quick update. I just finished an EP with Emily Wryn. It’s really great. She’s already got one favorable review and it’s not even out yet! http://www.independent.com/news/2012/feb/06/emily-wryn/ In lieu of a proper […]

CD Released by Diane De Mesa

Congratulations to Diane de Mesa who has just released her first album, ‘Fly Away’. Vocals for the album were recorded here at Certain Sparks, and I also mixed the album. Diane has been very active on the YouTube music scene since 2009, and since joining the YouTube community, Diane has accumulated almost 150,000 YouTube views […]

Guest Speaker at LHS Career Program

Today I was the guest speaker at Lompoc High School’s ‘Jump Start’ Program. I gave a 30 minute presentation for two classes on how I became a business owner, my education background (lack of), and what the heck I do, day to day. I think I gave a much better presentation for the second class, […]

Promo / Commercial

View the Certain Sparks Promotional Commercial http://www.viddler.com/explore/Certain-Sparks/videos/7/ Click the link above to view the full size video.