Guest Speaker at LHS Career Program

Today I was the guest speaker at Lompoc High School’s ‘Jump Start’ Program. I gave a 30 minute presentation for two classes on how I became a business owner, my education background (lack of), and what the heck I do, day to day. I think I gave a much better presentation for the second class, as I had developed better plan for what to say. (Is there anything worse than a kid yawning while you talk about your love of music?!)

I think 9th grade is a little young to discuss career goals, most of the kids seemed fairly checked-out. But at that age you’re really only thinking as far ahead as the next period.

I was surprised to see Kim, the bass player for the band Longrider, who was there assisting a  student in a wheelchair.

Thanks to LHS, Sherry Johnson, and Sue Coupland for having me.

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