Drums and Percussion – Jerry Cripe



What started as a simple project has grown to include dozens of songs, guest musicians, and even high harmonies by yours truly.

Friday the 28th brought in Tom and Rio, drums and percussion, respectively, for Jerry’s studio band, ‘Dark Current‘.

Tom came in a little early and let me know that the session would be his FIRST. I let him know that in my opinion the key would be to enjoy himself, and that the music would sound that much better, for it. He agreed, but asked that I give him my honest opinion and not “patronize him”. With those words the tone was set for a relaxed and productive session.

The songs were already recorded to a click and we had even added drum samples to give Tom an idea of the basic feel we were after.

Tom brought in his own cymbals and snare drum. Set-up was a snap, and we were recording before Jerry even showed up.

Tom did a fantastic job and we were able to record drums for two songs, before moving on to percussion.


Rio is an experienced percussionist who put down his congas for more than a decade to raise his two boys. I’m happy to say he’s again making time for music by adding some spice to Jerry’s tracks. Rio brought in a wide variety of percussion instruments including the strange Brazilian Quica. We all  greatly appreciated his positive attitude and talents.

We recorded  the quica, shakers, congas, and even the klink of a glass vase.

More details soon…

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