Long Rider

Rock, Country, Jazz Longrider does it all!

Rock, Country, Jazz – Long rider plays it all!

Long Rider was in the studio putting together a demo CD to generate some more gigs for the band. I was excited to work w/the band because I’ve seen them live quite a few times and I’ve always been impressed.

The band plays primarily covers & performs regularly at Lompoc’s, Wicked Shamrock bar, and other venues on the Central Coast.

Their repertoire includes tunes by The Eagles, Steely Dan, and the Charlie Daniels Band.

Gale their drummer brought in a set of electronic drums for the session.

The drum module offered only stereo outs which greatly limited our options for drum sounds but also made thing pretty friggin’ easy! During a run through we noticed that the kick needed to come up so they just fixed that within the drum module itself. I recommended Gale check out EZ drummer, which is an amazingly realistic sounding drum replacement software. Watch the demo HERE.

Bass was once again recorded via my Ampeg B5R with a line out direct to Pro Tools. Kim is a solid & reliable bass player and he had a really nice Carvin bass.

The band monitored the drums and their line 6 rigs via headphones. Rusty sang in the live room with the band, we used a beta 57, for its super cardioid characteristics. So far it appears we’re keeping these “scratch” vocals. The band was very well rehearsed and I was really impressed by both Matt and Rodney’s chops. Steely Dan is not easy to cover. Josie requires about 20 more chords than I know!

The line 6 rigs were already dialed in for the most part. Just had to get comfortable levels in their headphones.

We overdubbed harmonies last and the session was without incident.

I did some rough mixes the next day for the band to help them decide what their next move(s) will be.

Rodney, Matt, Gale, Kim,  Jack were all sweet guys. I’m looking forward to getting this disc done for them, and seeing them live again.

Long Rider is available for Nightclubs, Private Parties, BBQs, Grand Openings, Festivals, etc. and  can be reached at:

(805) 735-4537 – Kim


(805) 736-6995 – Jack


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