Mixing Three For Trying


Three For Trying are a duo from Santa Maria, CA.

Brothers Jake (Songs/Guitar/Vox) and Rudy(Drums/$) took us up on our July Special. They came in for 3 x 5 hr sessions, and recorded 5 songs total. The sessions were productive and chill. I enjoyed my time with these guys & I’m looking forward to recording them again real soon.

I sent them home with the mixes at the end of our last session and told them to call me with any changes they’d like to hear.

After some critical listening at home, Rudy asked for a couple tweaks on the drum sound. Mainly, a little more kick overall, and little more definition in the kick drum tone.

Although I thought the levels were pretty nice I could see what he meant. I opened up the sessions and boosted the kick by about 4 db. I also tweaked the high eq adding a little at 6k.

I adjusted things accordingly because the louder kick kinda threw off the balance that was there before.

It didn’t take too long and I was glad I could improve the mixes for the guys.

***Three For Trying is looking for another GUITAR player and a BASS player! Contact them if you live in Santa Maria & are looking to dedicate your time to music.


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