Steely Daaaammn

Amongst a certain crowd, Steely Dan have a bad wrap. They are seen as sort of elitists, and maybe even a little schticky.

Lord, protect me from that crowd. They know not what they know not.

Here Donald Fagen shows you why few bands cover Steely Dan and even fewer (if any) do it well.

Who else (besides Jim O’ Rourke) can send me looking into a proper musical education.

Technical prowess meets incomparable groove, enjoy!

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  1. Tony Hubert says: | Reply

    sweet. i’ve always been a Steely Dan fan. in my view they’re not “elitists,” rather they feature chord progressions out of the usual 2 or 4 chord formula enjoyed by a majority of pop musicians. Also the production values on all their recordings is nothing short of top notch, usually enhanced by the playing of killer session musicians.

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