Sunlite Guitars

Sunlite Guitars come in all sizes and configurations imaginable. Nowadays, guitars are the most popular instrument to learn in the world. It’s no wonder. Whether you like classical, folk songs, polkas, ethnic folk music, country and western, the blues, flamenco, jazz, experimental, or good ol’ rock and roll, you can jump right in with a […]

Certain Sparks Music Website

Certain Sparks Music has launched a redesign of our official website¬†Because the site is how most of our clients find us these days, we are updating the look and content of the site to better serve the needs of our clients and to provide more information to interested parties. Be sure to also check […]

Steely Daaaammn

Amongst a certain crowd, Steely Dan have a bad wrap. They are seen as sort of elitists, and maybe even a little schticky. Lord, protect me from that crowd. They know not what they know not. Here Donald Fagen shows you why few bands cover Steely Dan and even fewer (if any) do it well. […]