Tom Brosseau – The last feast

This last Friday, Tom Brosseau visited Lompoc for a private house show put on by a close friend of Certain Sparks at her House. Lucky enough to get invited, Certain Sparks was more than happy to get a chance to have dinner and a live show from a incredible musician.

This event was perfect in every way. First, we started with drinks and conversation. For those who are not familiar with Tom, he is a very polite individual (putting it mildly) and is well educated.

Next, our host was so kind to have made a potluck of meals, and had her backyard set up with fires, tables, music playing & places to sit to enjoy the cold night.

After stuffing ourselves, with what amounted to a last feast filled the backyard air with chatter about everyone’s life, interests, ups & downs. Dinner, as simple as it may seem, really takes on a mind of its own when it includes 20 close friends and a professional musician. It left something to be desired when comparing to other concerts.

After the meal digested with some digestive (Fernet), everyone made it inside for the concert.

Tom began to play a nice selection songs, while offering words of insight, Aesop & bits of memories that relate to a song, or topic from dinner.

During the concert, Tom invited Emily Wryn & Brice Ogan to play some songs from their own collections.

Once the concert subsided, the conversation, laughter & drinking began again as friends filled the kitchen & created rings around the fires.

Tom quickly joined in as if he was the missing piece to a group of friends that love music, food & fun.

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