Jacob Cole Tour Diary 6

Our beloved, Jacob Cole, is on tour for three weeks playing guitar with Dante Elephante. While he’s away, he’s keeping us updated with this tour diary, so we can live vicariously through him. Here’s his sixth entry.

Our captain takes the passenger seat

Eight and a half hours from Boise to Seattle, but overall an easy drive. I took the first shift and Erich drove us the second half. We stopped in Eastern Oregon on the way up to witness one of the most beautiful sunsets you’d ever see.

Seattle was cold, wet and dreary in the best way possible. Stayed with the original bass player for Dante, Lofi-Lopez. Nice place, great host. Wish we could have seen more. Visited Bruce Lee and Kurt Cobain. Next time I’ll catch Jimi.

We hit this nice breakfast/brunch diner called Skillet. Really hearty scramble, kale + avocado. My little sister Anna would have loved it. The only downside, which turned into an upside, was the wait. It took about an hour and a half for our food to come out, but because of that wait though, we didn’t have to pay. Lucky break.

We were a little late to the gig, so we only a had time for a quick line check, but the band we were opening for (Sego) was down to back-line gear which helped with time.

Only about 40 on the audience at The Vera Project, but not bad for a Monday night.

It was a low energy environment overall, but still fun. Our drummer Alec was not feeling the best health wise and stayed in to crash all day and save his strength for the gig. He ended up playing great, regardless. I felt so relaxed at one point, even sat down and went cross-legged during the set and just got experimental with some slide and delay.

Sego were the highlight and likely will be for the next few shows. Their sound is very bass heavy and driving with different rhythms sprinkled throughout. Sounds like Beck (Mutations era) if he was having a panic attack. Disjointed, but totally cohesive at the same time. Our old friend Alyssa Davey plays bass for them and really knocks it out of the park.

San Francisco next.

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