Spotlight: Coyote-Oak Magazine

Since forming in January of 2016, Coyote + Oak Magazine has released six issues. Which collectively tell the story of California’s creative community. Several friends of Certain Sparks have been featured, including The Only Ocean, The Same Difference, and Jimil-Anne Linton. We sat down with Alexandra Wallace, the founder and editor-in-chief, to discuss her vision for the magazine, and her favorite parts of the Central Coast.

coyote oak alexandra wallace

What is Coyote + Oak, and why did you start it? 

Coyote + Oak is a printed magazine that’s dedicated to sharing the stories of California artists and creative entrepreneurs. After getting discouraged about how few magazines feature creative work outside of a specific niche, such as weddings or fashion, I wanted there to be an outlet that catered to all of those outliers.

If you could recommend an issue for a first-time reader to start with, which would it be? 

Personally, I would recommend Vol. II to anyone who hasn’t read the magazine before. It’s a really fun issue, and I think it gives a great overview of tons of artists.

What does the future look like for Coyote + Oak? 

I’m feeling pretty awesome about where things are headed! We co-hosted our first workshop this summer, and I’m hoping to expand the essence of the magazine into events. That can bring new creative outlooks to everyone.

What do you like about what Certain Sparks Music is doing? 

I appreciate that Certain Sparks has a large emphasis on community; I think it’s incredibly important that we take value in following passions, and especially nurturing the creative aspirations of children!

If you were going to recommend your top five Central Coast businesses to a visitor, what would they be?

This is a tough one to narrow down!! I’ll say these: Coffee Time in Santa Maria and Lompoc, Jack’s in Old Orcutt, Boo Boo Records in San Luis Obispo, Mad + Vin in Solvang, and Enjoy Cupcakes in Los Olivos and Santa Barbara.

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