Building a Community: The Same Difference!

Here at Certain Sparks Music, we aim to teach our students not only how to play music, but how to play music with others. Community building is one of the most powerful aspects of what we do here. When you learn to play the drums, you’re not only teaching yourself a new skill, but also making yourself into an asset for others. When a bassist and guitarist are looking to form a band, they’ll be on the lookout for a drummer to complete the group, and that’s where you come in.

Of course, this goes for any new skill you teach yourself. And this is the story of how The Same Difference came to be a band! Mia, Erin and Avery were taking lessons individually with our teachers Mic and Jacob, when they decided to try playing together. Soon after, they became one of the area’s best and busiest young bands!

Last month, they were featured in Volume VI of Coyote + Oak magazine, a publication that showcases California’s artists and other creative folk.

Check out a few shots of their spread below, or purchase a digital copy here!


the same difference 1

the same difference 2

the same difference 3

the same difference 4

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