Tim Levash – Certain Sparks Secret Weapon

Tim Levash is our secret weapon, and has literally been there from the very beginning.

Tim has installed or maintained every computer and network we’ve had, and taught me just about everything I know about computers.

Every six months or so he comes in and tells me that I need to upgrade something, and every time I do what he tells me to do, my system runs better. He answers all my stupid questions and keeps me informed.

Earlier this year I had some very strange problems with my main system, and Tim was there to fix everything and get me up and  running again. He installed a new graphics card (after the the old one mysteriously burned out while we were testing some RAM) and a pair of terabyte internal SATA hard drives.

People often comment how smoothly everything runs here, and Tim has played a major role in that and so today, I salute him, and thank him publicly. Thank You, Tim!

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  1. Jerry says: | Reply

    Hi Randall, I called this morninrg about arrangeing some recording time with you for next week on thursday the 19th if possible. I noticed you need a deposit for reserving the time – just wondered what the amount was so we can do it. I think we talked about $150 package in december, that would include mixing time as well. Anyway I’ll review the website for addl info just want to get the recording time reserved.

    Many Thanks,
    Jerry Stickel

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