Jerry Cripe

The man, the myth, the legend. Jerry Cripe

The man, the myth, the legend – Jerry Cripe

My session with Jerry Cripe started at 4pm and I was looking forward to it ever since we last met.

Jerry is quite a character and I always enjoy our sessions. He first came to Certain Sparks with the simple goal of making a 5 song acoustic & vocal “demo”.

We completed the first sessions and Jerry was very happy with the results. He’s been back maybe a dozen times since then.

Jerry is currently finishing up a CD called “Cheesy Beer & Love Songs” and he’s about to begin a MUSICAL!!!

This guy is incredibly prolific and if anyone can write and produce a musical, I know Jerry Cripe can.

Today we re-recorded “Awatooki Hills” this time with a click track in order to facilitate the overdubbing of drums at a later date.

Jerry also brought in his pal John who has played banjo on several of Jerry’s tracks. John is too hard on himself and usually says he could have done it better.  Jerry & I agreed that what we had was fine and we could always comp the takes together to get what we needed.

I sent Jerry home with a rough mix of the song as a demo for the drummer.

Jerry will be back on Tuesday for more music and mayhem.

I’m looking forward to it.

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