Mixing Sister Axe + 5 yr old guitar player


Sister Axe was back in at noon for mixing & basic mastering of 4 songs.

The session went well and the band played well together so mixing was pretty easy.

We started with one song, ‘Pierced Like Brosnan’ and brought it to completion. It took about an hour.

We then did the car test to see what needed to be adjusted.

The band was very happy with the mix at this point and had only a couple minor tweaks.

1. Slightly less reverb on the vocals ( I suggested this before we did the car test -we all thought that was pretty funny)

2. A little more kick

I fixed those and then we banged out the other 3 songs using the same mix template.

Four songs mixed in just under three hours.

Listen here:


At 6:30pm I had a guitar lesson with Aaron and his son Layne.

Layne is only 5 yrs old, and he’s already better than you.  He has learned to play G, C, Am, Em, and sometime D.

He can also name every note on every string – and he knows that there is no B#.

This little guy makes my day. He’s pretty much my hero. He’s cooler than this kid by about a mile. Check it Out: Amazing 6 Year Old Guitarist

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