T1stL – New Songs / New Album?

My own group Le Petit Protest was originally scheduled to play a show this evening at the Mercury Lounge in Goleta, CA. Unfortunately, we had some bass player problems (who doesn’t?!?) and we were forced to pull out. Anyways, because I thought¬† we’d be performing in the evening, I set up a 9am start time […]

Mixing Three For Trying

Three For Trying are a duo from Santa Maria, CA. Brothers Jake (Songs/Guitar/Vox) and Rudy(Drums/$) took us up on our July Special. They came in for 3 x 5 hr sessions, and recorded 5 songs total. The sessions were productive and chill. I enjoyed

Recording Sister Axe

Sister Axe are one of the winners of our monthly studio time giveaway. They won 5 hrs/ recording time and are here @ Certain Sparks Studio to record some Punk-ROCK. We started at 10am which was a little rough for me. I’m more of night owl. But once you’re awake and working it feels nice […]

Groggily Clogging the Cogs with our Soggy Blog!

The ‘Certain Sparks – Studio Blog” is a written record of our daily recording sessions, lessons, & new gear installations. I’ll try to be honest about the problems bands occasionally face while here in the studio and give praise where praise is due. Enjoy!