Jerry Cripe and Friends

The Cripe-man was back in the studio and he brought along a few friends.  The guests were talented  musicians that  will be recording later. Visiting the studio were: Rio – Percussionist Extraordinaire Tom- Surf Rock Drummer & Lucky Husband ?- Tom’s beautiful wife and a Wonderful Singer John – Absolutely the greatest banjoist of all […]

Mixing Lompoc’s Long Rider Band

I prepared some quick mixes for the Long Rider band the day after recording and they spent a few days listening before our scheduled mix session. When the band came in Matt (guitar) said that the mixes were actually great and needed only a few small changes. I brought  the level of Matt’s guitar down […]

Long Rider

Long Rider was in the studio putting together a demo CD to generate some more gigs for the band. I was excited to work w/the band because I’ve seen them live quite a few times and I’ve always been impressed. The band plays primarily covers & performs regularly at Lompoc’s, Wicked Shamrock bar, and other […]

Vocals for T1stL

10:30am- 3:30pm Danny and Kevin of the 1st Line came in to record vocals for the 4 songs we recorded on Friday. I’ve been recording vocals in the live room instead of the vocal booth lately because I think it’s nice for singers to have a little more room to breathe. Kevin and Danny both […]

Mixing Sister Axe + 5 yr old guitar player

Sister Axe was back in at noon for mixing & basic mastering of 4 songs. The session went well and the band played well together so mixing was pretty easy. We started with one song, ‘Pierced Like Brosnan’ and brought it to completion. It took about an hour. We then did the car test to […]